Summer 2021: Teenagers Need Camp “More Than Ever”

It’s been a hard year for teenagers. Between remote learning, curtailment of extracurricular activities, and socializing primarily via screens, adolescents’ lives have been upended for more than 14 months. Now, as summer approaches, there is a beacon for those teens. Camps are opening. And camp directors say teens need the camp experience more than ever. […]

Maine Summer Camps’ Emerging Professionals: Creating Community and Connection Amid the Pandemic

Halsey Gulick Award Winner Rich Deering Featured in Launch of Bi-Monthly Virtual Gatherings A few years back, a group of emerging Maine camp professionals decided to build connections with each other, and serve those in need, during off-season months. Their volunteer efforts reached several Greater Portland nonprofits, including Preble Street Resource Center. Then, enter COVID-19. […]

COVID and Curriculum: Schools Collaborate with Camps, Outdoors Educators to Take Learning Outside

The Wonders of Wolfe’s Neck Farm “Who doesn’t love collecting eggs and going in with the cows?” Andrew Lombardi, public programs manager at Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport, sees local schoolchildren’s exuberance for learning outdoors firsthand. “Animal husbandry is most popular,” he says. “The stuff with the critters.” At Wolfe’s Neck Farm this fall, about […]

Camp and Good Health: Summer 2020

Last spring, with the 2020 camp season approaching and COVID-19’s unpredictable impact, camp owners and directors across Maine may have been certain of only one thing: uncertainty. Camp professionals faced the challenges of assessing CDC and state COVID-19 guidelines, the daunting task of evaluating their programmatic and physical capacities considering the virus, and the difficult […]